Board Room Technology Trends

Board Room Technology Trends

Technology for board rooms is essential for the success of any business as it allows teams to communicate with one another in a way that mimics in-person meetings. It also helps to overcome the issues caused by remote or hybrid working by boosting productivity and collaboration.

Modern conference room technology includes an interactive whiteboard, which allows participants to write on documents and draw on images while video calling. It can also include the use of a digital projection system to display presentations. These devices offer a variety of features that are designed to increase meeting efficiency. The Samsung Flip, for example is a flat-panel interactive device that can be used through USB or wirelessly. It also comes with security features that protect data from the entry of anyone who is not authorized. The Cisco Spark Board is another device that can be used for brainstorming sessions and discussions with others, and also provides a real-time overview of the analytics of meetings on the screen.

Other new trends in conference room technology include acoustic solutions such as sound masking and noise cancelling. These are able to help keep conversations and meetings confidential and minimize distracting background noises. This type of technology is ideal for companies that conduct large numbers of virtual meetings.

Other office technologies that can enhance conference room productivity include a wireless presentation system, which allows attendees to connect their own devices to the meeting’s main projector or TV without needing cables or adapters. Lastly, a meeting scheduling system such as Joan can stop room squatters, and overbooked meetings by making booking more efficient.

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